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I was supposed to meet friends today, but when I went to the train station, it wasn't there. Well, it was there, the platforms, tracks and trains, however, were not. And so I had to trek back on foot, which gave me the opportunity to take photos of the wild flowers blooming right now, and a blister.

flowers photo wildblumen_final_zps4d82adad.png*

* Some of these names might not be accurate - I had to look up five of the flowers.

I have also been kind of busy lately, and yet still avoided working on my stories. I even conjugates Spanish verbs instead, and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Oh, and I dug out one of the old herb beds:

gardening photo beetcopy_zpsd1591821.jpg

It was a lot of work. I weeded the flower beds whenever my muscles gave up, was bitten by ants and banged my head against the old pump. I visited a kitten too, and if nothing goes wrong, I will get her around the end of the month. I sure hope so, because she is cute (her siblings too - but they were all spoken for).

Hopefully, I will eventually tire of doing other things and be productive in areas I want to be productive in, but it's a start.

PS: Should I finally kick myself in the ass and write the meta post about AUs that has been on my mind for a while now?
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