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Today is a special someone's first birthday. She couldn't care less and just wants to have a quiet nap, snack on human food and gnaw on my story notebooks without being disturbed. And wool, let's not forget the wool. The following catspam was taken with my phone camera, which sucks unless you're taking photos in full daylight, so ...

Catspam! )
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Title: Runges Epilog
Fandom: Monster (manga)
Length: 1529 words
Rating: G
Genre: epilogue, character introspection
Characters: Heinrich Runge, Jan Suk, Dr. Rudi Gillen, Fritz Wademann, Nina Fortner
Labels: Canon Character Death
Disclaimer: I only wish I could come up with a story like Naoki Urasawa’s Monster
Beta: [personal profile] maat_seshat
A/N: This fic was originally posted on the AO3 as a part of the Parallels exchange. It was written for jan.
Summary: Pretty much what it says on the (albeit German) tin, this story explores Runge’s relationships and future after the end of the manga.

The hospital staff had kindly provided Inspector Heinrich Runge with a newspaper.  )


Jul. 31st, 2012 02:58 am
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Would anybody of you be up to emergency beta 1600 words of exchange fic? I contacted a couple of people but I haven't heard back from any of them yet, and the fic is due, umm, August 1st. (I think, the 12am confuses me.) I mostly need someone to look over my English.
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I mentioned to [personal profile] anehan a while back that I had Thoughts on how to save the OTW and that I should really post them. This is that post. There are a lot of posts out there about what is wrong with the OTW (and OH GOD, it is a lot), but very few on how to change things for the better, so I thought I’d give it a try. Caveat: I am not an expert on anything, least of all all of the things mentioned here, so take it with a grain of salt. I am mainly speaking from my experiences in International & Outreach (IO) and Translations too, which are sort of the red-headed stepchildren of the OTW, at least it feels like that to me.

Part 1: Radical restructuring )

Part 2: The Leviathan of Our Own )

Random #37

Jun. 30th, 2012 05:36 pm
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Okay, I definitely need to write more posts. I always forget and forget and a month later my head is so full of stuff I want to write about that I can’t keep my thoughts straight. So, yeah, another entry with assorted info.

☞ First, a couple of links: I have come to love Smitten Kitchen (thank you, [personal profile] starlady), and would like to recommend both the strawberry summer pie and the strawberries and cream biscuits, since they are delicious. Und für die Deutschsprachigen unter euch: ein Artikel, der einen etwas anderen Blick aufs Fandom gibt. Zitat: „Das Fandom, wie viele es kennen, wird zu einer Seniorenveranstaltung.“

☞ Rani is now eleven months old and a fully grown cat. Unfortunately, this also means that she outgrew her good behaviour once she learned that you only have to behave if the humans are watching. So she tries to sneak a bite of my food whenever she can (the strawberry and cream biscuits are recced by her as well), and generally tries to get her way. This week, I even let her run around outside while I was working in the garden because, well, I was busy and she was adorable. I’m a bad cat mum, I know. Back to the belly scratching.

☞ I’ve also been a bit fannish again lately. I have Opinions, for one, which I should probably write about some time (yeah, as if). Well, after [community profile] parallelsfic, that is, which I signed up for again this year. The prompt should arrive today or tomorrow and I’m nervous already. Apart from that, I have, as I mentioned, Opinions, mostly on Teen Wolf, which I still love, and Legend of Korra, mostly about why I don’t think Mako is the worst person ever. I’m also playing Mass Effect 3, read a bit and watch dramas, as always.
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Dear Writer,

I hope I will not be one of those recipients one hates to write for. Those who demand either too much – half a novel with a specific pairing and ten kinks – and those who don’t give one any idea who they are and what they wish for. So I will tell you what I like most about the fandoms and what fic I’ve been longing for to give you and idea what I want, but first a few general remarks:

I read slash, het and gen, although lately I have been mostly into gen and canon pairings lately. I like stories about friendships, adventures, hurt/comfort that’s heavy on the comfort part and I always appreciate a good plot (and some good porn). Two things I would really rather not read is deathfic (although death as a minor or canon plot point is fine) and detailed depictions of depression, as both can sometimes trigger depressive episodes and anxiety attacks. Apart from that, I am not easily squicked.

As for the fandoms: I always choose fandoms where I am glad about every fic written for them, so even if I don’t squee myself silly, I will appreciate the effort you put into your story.

The Details: King 2 Hearts, City Hunter, K-20, Arslan Senki )
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Heartstrings, The Princess' Man, Rooftop Prince, Skip Beat, Tree With Deep Roots )

For those of you who decide to watch both Tree With Deep Roots and The Princess’ Man, keep an eye out for some of the supporting characters. You will find out what happens to the bright young scholars from one series in the next, since the three kings in TPM are the sons and grandson of the king in TWDR.
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I think I mentioned my obsession with Horrible Histories, although "obsession" might be a bit tame a word for the utter glee I feel when listening to the songs. And since I just found a couple of new videos to listen to, it reminded me that there was also great Yuletide fic that I don't think I linked yet. But first, the songs:

- Single Ladies, by Mary Seacole, way better than Florence, yo.

- David Bowie - ChangesCharles Darwin - Natural Selection. Hey, it is about changes.

- The Monkees, pardon, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes - The Thinkers

- The RAF Boys debut with their RAF Pilots Song Watch out, Take That

The last two make me want to dance so much. I want more! I guess there goes the rest of my day. Again. As for fanfic:

- Cranky Cristmasses in HHTV's News at When studio.

- The Big Gay Episode - including songs!

- Merry Monarchs experiment with crossdressing

Random #36

Apr. 13th, 2012 03:17 am
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☞ For those of you who also read [personal profile] sevilemar it is not news that I visited her for a few days last month. It was fun, despite the stress and serious caffeine and cat withdrawal. (Typing this one-handed since the other one is occupied by a furball.) It was also much easier than I expected and I got stuff done for a change. For some reason I find that difficult to achieve on my own, as evidenced by the unbelievable amount of hours (six) that I managed to stay awake yesterday.

☞ I finally have the money for ME3, but I hesitate to buy it. I spoiled myself for ending, and given what I read I think that was a very good idea. I have to mentally work through that before I can actually play the game or else it will be the third season of Torchwood all over again, and I want to continue loving the games. Spoilers, I love them.

☞ I’m still obsessing about dramas. Prepare for another recs post in the near future. I also can’t get enough of Choi Si Won. It’s embarrassing, but hey, just look at him. Especially if he’s shirtless.
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If I had known ordering books and mangas from YesAsia would be so much trouble, I wouldn't have done it.

I had ordered stuff from overseas before, with a credit card, and so far it hasn't been any trouble. Thus the letter that I received on Wednesday came as a surprise; apparently YesAsia doesn't put the receipt on the outside of the package, which makes it impossible for customs to figure out the contents to tell you the fee. I had to go to the "local" customs office in Bremen, with a copy of the receipt and credit card statement, the letter and possibly proof of identity. So I copied the stuff and looked up the route to the office. Center of Bremen. And because of the price of train and tram tickets, I would have to drive. This is probably where I should mention that I have driven a car in a city exactly once before, during the mandatory driving lesson on the topic.

Yeah, turns out driving wasn't really the problem. The problem was my navigation system, AKA mum. It's her car, she was even more afraid of driving into the city than me and she's the type who would get so distracted by a navigation system she'd crash the car within a day. My mother insisted I should drive left all the time until I figured out where exactly I was, which was nowhere near where I was supposed to be, on the opposite side of the city centre. Then, she couldn't decide whether I should turn right or not until it was too late and we ended up at the harbour, amidst a lot of cargo. When we finally arrived where we were supposed to be, I was dreading what would come next.

I had to open the package, that was all. Seriously, that was why I had to come, open the package, because apparently they're not allowed to do that on their own or something. The guy looked inside, figured he had no way of knowing whether those were the right books or not (the receipt inside being in romaji and the titles in kanji) and handed me the package. I didn't have to show any of the copied paged. I didn't even have to pay customs because the books weren't expensive enough. I bet it would be easier and cheaper for everyone if they just delivered the package.

Luckily enough the way back was mostly uneventful. Except for that pheasant that ran in front of the car and almost got run over.

Random #35

Feb. 23rd, 2012 06:02 pm
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☞ I’m supposed to be studying, I have far too few days left to cram two lessons of Spanish into my brain, I have a tutorial today and I still can’t manage. Doesn’t help that I feel as if I’m clawing at my skin from the inside to get out and that all I really want to do is hide under a rock somewhere until it’s done. Fuck depression (yes, finally got a preliminary diagnosis of that and sociophobia, but it doesn’t cover all my symptoms).

☞ RL sucks, sort of. Family trouble (my brother and I in the same house, yay!) and my mother’s friend has fallen off the wagon twice this month already, phoning when she’s in a panic and begging my mother to solve her problems. It’s not unexpected (everyone but her and her son saw it coming from miles away), but it’s stressful anyway. It bleeds over into my life too, since I have to console my mother and assure her that staying here and not doing anything is the right choice.

☞ On happier note: I splurged and bought a couple of things, among other things some books, one of which I already read and loved, and Skyrim, which does wonders for my sleep for some reason. I often get that with open world RPGs. If only I could choose between the factions, my character is a patriotic Nord, but she dislikes the racism, having grown up in the Empire.

☞ And last but not least: a recipe for mushroom bourguignon, via [personal profile] starlady. It is delicious, it is everything I’ve missed about meat and you absolutely have to try it.

Random #34

Feb. 6th, 2012 03:30 pm
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☞ I went ice skating today. On my still brand new (15-year-old) skates. I lasted maybe ten minutes, fell on my knees once and I’ll probably have sore muscles later. I really am the least sporty person in the world, but maybe the weather lasts a few more days and I can try again.

☞ Rani is fine. Finally. She’s been spayed and her diarrhea is gone, hopefully for good. Since then, she’s been even more active and had a growth spurt during which her weight doubled. She likes to run around like crazy half the day and even toppled over my giant stack of books.

☞ I have an X-Box! And X-Box LIVE account (predictably called rodototal – in case someone knows how the friending thing works), that it took me three hours to set up because the help pages were singularly unhelpful. Yesterday, I tried a shooter for the first time (Crysis 2). I am still very bad at the shooting thing (why do the enemies have to move?), but at least I don’t die all the time in casual mode.

☞ If any of you have recs for Spanish language media or fic, now’s the time to tell me, since exposure has proven to be the most useful for me in learning and I am actually taking a course I don’t want to fail. I know someone on my dwircle recced a TV series with angels and demons a while back. I am also thinking about acquiring a book with poems, maybe Neruda, if the local shops have them. I am also open for comics and series/movies with subtitles (still a beginner, after all).
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It's not everyday that your favourite poet dies. Yesterday was that day. The cat toppled over my stack of books as well, so when I got up this morning, I dug my copy of one of her books out of the rubble.

Rest in peace, Wisława Szymborska, and may your poems be remembered forever.

Freude am Schreiben.
Möglichkeit des Erhaltens.
Vergeltung der sterblichen Hand.

As translated into German by Karl Dedecius.
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Faunblut von Nina Blazon (18.02.11)*
Vom Moorweib und den Weserriesen von Wilko Jäger (30.04.11)*


Bareback by Kit Whitfield (25.09.11)*
Ghost Story - Dresden Files Book Thirteen by Jim Butcher (21.08.11)*
Glimpses by Lynn Flewelling (29.12.11)*
Lustrum by Robert Harris (12.07.11)*
Side Jobs - Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (11.02.11)*

I don't know if you remember, but my New Year's Resolutionfor 2011 was to read 24 books. As you can see, that didn't quite work out, maybe due to depression/overmedication. Well, I'll try better in 2012.

Random #33

Dec. 19th, 2011 08:03 pm
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☞ Due to RL troubles, I didn't get around to updating yet again. That's especially dumb of me because I have actually been writing fic. [personal profile] lian was kind enough to support me by betaing, so after years of not managing it, I wrote an advent calender (hopefully it's finished soon): Mass Effect Adventskalender 2011. As the name suggests, it's a series of ficlets, written in German, and the fandom is Mass Effect.

☞ While we're on the topic: I am hopelessly addicted to ME. Still. I can't wait for part three. I always thought shooters weren't for me, but I was obviously wrong. The more I play it, the more I think that Male!Shep is dreadfully boring too. Which is probably kind of odd, since Fem!Shep is more or less like Male!Shep, but she still rocks. Maybe it's because of the voice actress, or maybe because she does everything the male version does.

☞ I'm thinking of acquiring an X-Box 360 (mostly because it seems to have most of the games I'd like to play), but since the last gaming console I owned was... ehrm... a Sega Master System, if I'm not mistaken, I have no idea what is most useful or what type of equipment/TV I'd need. Any advice?

☞ I went to the Christmas market in Bremen today. Really late, but I still needed to buy food for the holidays (ramyeon), so of course I had to have fried mushrooms and garlic sauce (my favourite Christmas market food). Which meant I ended up buying manga as well, some paper, a ring that almost fits on my ring fingers and sweets. It's not as if I don't have enough Christmassy food, though. I made mincemeat pies for the first time yesterday, for example.

☞ If anyone has a recipe for marzipan, especially low sugar marzipan, please tell me. I tried to find marzipan for my mother, only to find out that the EU outlawed diet food. Which means my mother now has the choice between no sweets etc. ever or run of the mill sugary stuff she's not supposed to have. I'd rather try to make some on my own and substitute sugar with artificial sweetener or something. My mother loves her marzipan.

☞ Cat news: Rani still has a bit of diarrhea, but she didn't poop anywhere in the last week. She's got E. coli in her bowels (you know, the EHEC stuff), and if the current treatment doesn't help, she'll have to take anti-biotics. She's otherwise healthy, though.

Cat News

Nov. 21st, 2011 09:26 pm
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I think I mentioned that I now own a cat already? And at least some of you have already seen her. She's cute, black and called Rani. She's also very into human slaves and beds (meaning me, mostly) and that makes it sort of difficult to type a lot, work on stories or anything useful. I need two arms for that and one is occupied by a dozing cat about 50% of the day. Right now, Rani is dozing on my legs, so I can still not get up, but at least I can type. Oh, and she goes berserk when anyone tries to eat human food near her. I know, I tried. And ended up with a cat in my stew.

Unfortunately, she also has diarrhea. She has had it since I fetched her two weeks ago, and I think it might be getting worse. We went to the vet twice already, but he just gave her something against worms and said it would be fine. The next time, he took her temperature and looked at her teeth, and apparently didn't see anything wrong, so he gave her her shot (which she coped well with). I hope it's just something harmless like food intolerance, but it definitely doesn't help that my first pet, a guinea pig, died a week after we got her. From diarrhea.

So if any of you have any advice: I'm all ears.

And to save your dwircle, a photo of Rani in her favourite sleeping place behind the cut )
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Now I hope that the OTW archive will be a lot like Animexx (which is for fanart and dōjinshi as well, and which is the website of an association), but with less focus on anime fandoms and better rules. I have also been told by someone in the OTW that they want to make it more international than, which is what I volunteered for. My Thoughts on Yaoi/the OTW by [personal profile] rodo, 13th January 2008

First off, this is not an election post. It is an evaluation of sorts, and an explanation as to why I do not think I can justify working for the OTW for longer if there aren’t some drastic changes. This is not me being dramatic, in fact, I feel rather sober about it all. I did cry over my keyboard, but that’s not why I write it. I did have volunteer burnout, but that was years ago. I just came to realise that within the organisation, I am powerless to express my dissatisfaction on a wider scale, and that my hopes for the OTW will likely never be realised. I can not change that, which is partly due to the communication culture within the organisation, a culture that I am not equipped to deal with.

1. Forced Positivity – the OTW’s equivalent of Newspeak )

2. What I Came To Achieve and What I Didn’t )

After about four years, here I am, trying to figure out the chances of the OTW becoming what I dreamed of. And I think they are slim. I fought windmills for years and failed. So unless somebody can convince me that there absolutely will be radical changes soon, I don’t think I can justify my continued involvement. Because after four years of development, how can my priority not be an afterthought?
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Okay, so I have been silent for ages again. I didn't exactly plan on it, but I kept putting everything off, and other stuff I'm not supposed to talk about, and... well, most of you probably know what it is like.

So, to ease myself back into posting, I'll post some pictures of my Shepard from Mass Effect 2 a great game that I've played way too often, although Rani isn't particularly fond of all the shooting. Rani would be my new miniature panther who is currently running around somewhere, probably trying to catch her persistent stalker (AKA her tail), or begging for human food (which she isn't allowed to eat). So far, she seems to be a powerful anti-depressant. Maybe I'll post a little video with her under flock.

Anyway, [personal profile] lian, I hope you are happy:

Four Shepard pictures behind the cut. )

Maybe I'll elaborate on me quitting the OTW later, or rather most likely quitting, because I don't see the board doing what I need them to do to stay on. Well, we'll see next month.
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I still haven’t finished my current dorama binge (hey, I haven’t even worked my way up to the Chinese and Japanese doramas), so I decided to do a recs post every time I have five series to recommend. I have a type when it comes to series that I do watch, so some elements are bound to repeat themselves. So here are two historical dramas, one about conmen, one about revenge and one about an unlikely couple. Not in that order.

City Hunter, Iljimae, Oh! My Lady, The Return of Iljimae, Tazza )

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