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I hope I will not be one of those recipients one hates to write for. Those who demand either too much – half a novel with a specific pairing and ten kinks – and those who don’t give you any idea of who they are and what they wish for. So I will tell you what I like most about the fandoms and what fic I’ve been longing for to give you and idea what I want, but first a few general remarks:

I read slash, het and gen, although I have been mostly into gen and canon pairings lately. I like stories about friendships, adventures, hurt/comfort that’s heavy on the comfort part and I always appreciate a good plot (and some good porn). Two things I would really rather not read are deathfic (although death as a minor or canon plot point is fine) and detailed depictions of depression, as both can sometimes trigger depressive episodes and anxiety attacks. Apart from that, I am not easily squicked and can deal with almost anything you will throw at me.

As for the fandoms: I always choose fandoms where I am glad about every fic written for them or the characters, so even if I don’t squee myself silly (I’m not good at squeeing at all, it’s a personality quirk), I will appreciate the effort you put into your story. This year’s letter also contains some copypasta from previous exchanges where these wishes were not fulfilled.

1. North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell | UK TV – Margaret/John: I would most like to read something set post-canon, dealing with the friends and family of the couple and how they react to their marriage – and of course lots of shippy stuff, since the two are incapable of not being adorable together, in my opinion. I also have a weakness for stories in general that deal with class, which is why I like this one so much better than, for example, Pride and Prejudice. So you probably can’t go wrong if you include problems related to the industrialisation.

2. Raumpatrouille Orion – Any: This one has been on my list of wishes for years, so I would read just about anything. I confess, I don’t ship the canon pairing Cliff/Tamara. Instead, I ship Cliff/Lydia van Dyke, Tamara/Helga, Mario/everyone and Lydia/everyone. Both Lydia and Tamara are my favourite characters, so of course I would love to read fic about them being awesome or having fun together. But I’d also read teamfic, adventure, canon pairings and a story about Villa or the other members of the crew. I also think a story about Spring-Brauner has potential. Canon left me with a desire for more that I haven’t satisfied yet. If you are a native speaker of German, please consider writing the story in German, if that isn’t against the rules. If not, English will do as well!

3. Rome – Octavia/Agrippa: Oh God, could canon have ended in a worse place? I mean, it’s nice to know Pullo and Vorenus will get their happily ever after living with their children in some place Not Rome, but when I watched the series, I was sure that this pairing would play a major role in the third season. Both are unmarried now, but I think Octavian still wouldn’t be too happy about them and I would love to read a post-canon story that brought them together against the odds or just showed us that while they have problems to work out, they also still have feelings for each other.

4. Velvet Goldmine – Curt/Arthur: I had real trouble coming up with a fourth request for sign-ups. For some reason I thought I only needed three. Anyway, my favourite pairing from my favourite movie. I’d prefer a story set post-movie that deals with some of the things that didn’t get answered, but if you’re looking for an idea of what I like: somebody wrote me a lovely story several Yuletides ago when I asked for the same thing and got that instead and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
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