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There are some days on which you'd better not get out of bed. And I just had a row of these.

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Oct. 27th, 2005 08:16 pm
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So, the promised pictures.

The first one is the cover of "OUT", a really good novel I had to read for gender studies this week. It's about four women who work in a lunchbox factory on the night shift. One of them, Yayoi, kills her cheating husband and asks Masako for help. She agrees, and dismembers the body, so nobody would ever find it. Unfortunately, parts of it are found and he is identified, and the former yakuza who gets blamed for the murder wants revenge...

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And the next one is the result of what happens when I have too much paper and colours and, of course, am in the mood to draw something abstract.

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So I updated my DeviantArt-Account again. One photo, a drawing and a painting.
The photo is of the onions from our garden. My mother always stores them on the veranda in the bright sun. The portrait is an impression of my mother. And the last one:

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And... I got all the journalism courses I applied for! Even the one about TV journalism, but that was really close, I got the last place. Well... if I understood the form. They still have technical problems or something.


Sep. 29th, 2005 02:02 am
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So I just updated my DeviantArt-Account. I added four photos I took two weeks ago when I finally got my brother to give me the camera. There's more, but I am not sure when I am going to upload them. It always takes so much time and I never know which photo should be put in which category.

The link is, surprise, surprise...

And know I am going to write on. I so hate this chapter. I hate it. Because I have to write the most complex character I invented so far, and even though I know exactly what he thinks and how he feels, I just don't know how to put it into words. Maybe it's because he is weak and strong at the same time and definitely has his faults. I am afraid everybody will think he's an arse.
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Because Chrissi wanted to see it:

Another Harry Potter Picture. It started as doodling, so it is not that great. Water colour and copic multiliner.

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So, new day, new art.
I do not know why, but yesterday I suddenly felt very creative and drew something (instead of working on my speech or reading, or learning..).
My first Harry Potter Fanart!
It's mainly water colour, Copic Multiliner and Tipp-Ex (because I did not find any white).

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Das hier ist schon älter, aber da ich ja so ewig gebraucht habe, um mit Photobucket klar zu kommen, kommt es erst jetzt.

Was es sonst zu sagen gibt. Anime/Manga Style. Wollte erst Harry Potter zeichnen (man sieht's an den Haaren) und habe es mir dann mitten im Bild anders überlegt (sowas mache ich immer *seufz*).

Ach ja, das ist mit Bleistift.

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May. 8th, 2005 05:15 pm
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tja, also hier ausnahmsweise mal keine Fanfic, sondern ein Bild.

Die Idee ist mir während "Japonismen" gekommen. Das war nämlich ein Mal so langweilig, dass ich anderthalb Stunden damit verbracht habe, sinnlos in meinen Block zu kritzeln.

Damit habe ich dann meine beiden Banknachbarn so abgelenkt, dass sie mir die ganze Zeit auf den Block gestarrt haben. Also dachte ich mir, ich könnte das ja mal in groß und auf weißem Papier probieren.

Benutz habe ich meinen absoluten Lieblingskuli (Lami; ein Geschenk, anders könnte ich mir das doch nie leisten)

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Ich hoffe mal das klappt so.

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