May. 3rd, 2010 08:57 pm
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Well, now I know what I won't be spending another 30€ on. I don't have that much money anyway, but I would have saved enough for the next Lord John audio book. The guy who reads them is beyond awesome.

However, Diana Gabaldon decided to tell us all about her thoughts on yaoifanfic.

Basically, we use her characters because we're uncreative, want to cash in on her popularity and anyway, fanfic is ILLEGAL* and immoral and if we want to write it, we should choose works by authors who have been dead for 75 years**. The whole post sounds incredibly condescending to me, which is what annoys me the most. Oh, and she doesn't like porny fanfic at all (despite writing porny stuff herself). She also really hopes you're not slashing Jamie Fraser and Emmett from QaF.

On the plus side, the fandom_wank post is fun.

PS: Am I the only fan who thinks pure speculation about what can/might happen in canon is an unsatisfying activity? Diana and her fans seems to think it's the best fan activity ever.

* which is debatable, or so some people who know more about the topic think.
** FYI, it's 70 years in many countries. It's 75 years in Honduras, Guatemala and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. An International Copyright Law doesn't exist either.
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Dear OF-Authors,

Historical Fiction, you're doing it wrong, if:

  • Your main character is an intelligent dinosaur.
  • You thought real names might make your fantasy story more interesting.
  • You're writing about the history of your fantasy universe.
  • Your story is an AU.
  • Your story takes place in the present.

A disgruntled reader.

PS: I won't even start with blatant historical inaccuracies and time travel stories.
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Remember a while back when I complained about dumb authors? I'm referring to this part:

  • Look at the pictures you're describing. Or use your common sense. The picture shows a polar bear and a seal, not polar bear and a penguin.

The offensive passage was part of an article about a photographer I am writing an essay about. And because I just noticed that I missed a citation, I went back and googled him. And what do I find? An article in Zeit online, which describes the same photo making the same mistake. It was a long, obviously well researched article, but seriously, right now, I am weeping for the future of journalism.

And no matter how often I look at the picture, I still see seal.

So please, dear authors:

When copying someone elses work, make sure you don't copy the mistakes!

I learnt that in school, which is why I ended up with a 2 in the physics test and [insanejournal.com profile] sevilemar, whose answers I copied, only got a 4.

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To the authors of the essays I have to read:

  • What's the point in translating a text from French to English if the original was written in English and then translated to French?

  • The artist may be Japanese, but that does not mean he references only Japanese artist/thoughts etc. Especially if he explicitly states that his work is modelled after European Renaissance painters. So please stop telling me that he had Buddhist statues in mind.

  • When translating, use a beta.

  • Look at the pictures you're describing. Or use your common sense. The picture shows a polar bear and a seal, not polar bear and a penguin.

  • TBC

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Dear Author,

please have someone proof-read your novels, even though they're just tie-ins. There's a difference between "pneumatic" and "mnemonic". A significant difference. And the word "pneumonic" does not exist. So please, if you can't afford proof-reading, at least use a dictionary when you try to sound smart. Maybe you would even succeed.

Your disappointed reader

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