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Jul. 29th, 2011 04:58 pm
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Okay, so I disappeared again. I swear I didn't mean to, it's just... well, you know. Shiny that distracts you, like City Hunter, the awesome Korean drama that ended yesterday, my meds and the weather, who I think might be responsible for me requiring 16 hours of sleep per day some weeks, the fic exchange that I sighned up for (more on that later) and me just generally being distracted, lazy and short-attention-spanned.

So what have I been doing? I finished the fic for the exchange, which is now in need of an English native speaker who could beta read it. Because it is due on August 1st and I my English has become worse lately. And possibly rather purple. So if any of you feel the strong need to procrastinate on something important by betaing fic, I'm the person to talk to. I also have two Highlander drafts in German (triple drabble and ~10k) to offer by the way.

Regarding the fandom of the exchange fic: I will reveal it next month, and I took a lot of screenshots while I did the review, so I might post a picspam too. Provided my laziness etc. doesn't get the better of me.

And now I have to go earn some money, since I'm all out of reasons not to. And drink some sparkling wine to fight the tiredness.

Random #25

Oct. 23rd, 2010 03:32 pm
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☞ Yes, I’m still here. I just noticed that it has been almost two months. Wow. Well, a) I was rather busy and b) I had nothing to post. I have two and a half story drafts finished, but my beta is MIA and so I haven’t posted them yet.

☞ I also will be rather busy during the next few weeks, because I will participate in NaNoWriMo again ([personal profile] jaaaarne, I added you to my buddy list). I even have something of a plan. I have no finale for the story, but an idea where the story in headed and who the protagonists are.

☞ I have a new obsession: Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series is adorable beyond belief. And the fanfic is quite good too. Well, I don’t ship Zutara, so that narrows it down a bit. Curiously enough, most of the fanfic seems to be posted on ff.net, so I spend much more time there for a change.

☞ I will also participate in Yuletide this year. We’ll see how that works out. I nominated Heroic Legend of Arslan, Main Hoon Na, Raumpatrouille Orion, Rome, Anatolia Story and Survivors. If everything goes according to plan I’ll post an entry about the three soonish. If not, there’s always Wikipedia.

☞ Also, hopefully, OTW retrospective. I’m too busy this weekend.
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☞ It's been a while. I'm feeling a bit better now, but the last weeks were rough. My depression was really bad, I had the first full-on panic attack in years and my phobias acted up. *sigh* I'm still not entirely back to my normal medium depressed state. I didn't get much writing done and there are still 05:04:47 left. No idea how much I'll write today and tomorrow.

☞ I actually did work on my Merlin fic for the first time in months. I realised it sucked and that it needs a major rework. Spoilers for recent episodes )

☞ I think I finally found out why disaster films don't work for me. It's not the wildly improbable natural catastrophes, because those aren't necessarily improbable at all, it's the wildly improbable ways in which humans conquer nature and stop the catastrophes. More often than not by using a lot of explosives. I would like them if they showed humans surviving the catastrophe, I wouldn't mind if they showed humans fighting to survive and dying (The Day After Tomorrow I liked, despite the unrealistic premise). I do mind the age old "conquering the wilderness" trope that crops up again and again. It's not only inacurate, it also reminds me of how humans treat their environment in other situations.

☞ Yuletide: I really hope my recipient will like my story, since I haven't written for the fandom before and couldn't research as much as I would have liked to. It also won't be as long and will end rather abruptly. But I'm confident because we seem to like similar stories and share a few quirks, despite not having any non-Yuletide fandoms in common. Now I only have to find a competent beta and brit-picker who knows the fandom. Or someone who can tell me if the story works once I've typed it up, at least. (Why yes, I still use pen and paper for writing.)
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  • Today is my mother's birthday and she's visiting me at the moment, which is the reason why I've been a bit absent lately. Well, that and the fact that I had a breakdown on Monday thanks to PMS and waiting almost an hour and a half at the doctor's only to be told to come again next week. Oh hell, no!
  • My muse is dead. I prodded it and tried to resuscitate, but nothing helped. No new fic or other creative effort from me for a few months at least, it seems. Probably longer.
  • I just can't get rid of the two invite codes.
  • Watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and liked it. It reminded me more of City of God than a Bollywood film. I want the soundtrack.
  • Does anyone know why the LibraryThing widget won't work in my profile?
  • Were there any good fics written for the H/D Worldcup this year? I have one in my recs, but I gave up on the others after a while.
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Okay, I think I found my topic for today's meta (I'm keeping my schedule, see?): long stories.

Not stories that are long, mind you. Stories that feel long (not necessarily the same thing). A good story should make you forget time. It should suck you into its world until you wish the story would never end. I've read quite a few stories like these, and I love them. But there are other stories too. Stories that promise to be these amazing stories that you wish would never end, and then ... they just don't. They get longer and longer, full of stuff that is totally unnecessary, that deters from the purpose that is just plain boring to read. These are stories that I wish were betaed by those competent people who know when a story might be better off being shorter. I know I told an author once to cut a few scenes. Am I just an exception or do other people really not mind these stories?

Anyway, I will list a few stories that felt too long for me, and why:

List under the cut )

I'd like to know about your experiences and theories about this as well, because I don't think I'm the only one who hates feeling that reading a story becomes some sort of chore that I only keep doing because I really used to love them. And is there any way to tactfully tell the authors that their beloved hydras really aren't as lovely as they seem to think?

Note: This is probably not very well thought out (I'm running on caffeine). I also apologize if linking these examples hurts the authors. I will take out the links if it does, just leave me a comment.
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Okay, so I should be writing my essay, which is supposed to be 20 pages long in the end. I theoretically have to have finished it in 15 hours. I am currently on page 8. Of course, I am frustrated as hell at the moment. Really, I have some very unpleasant quirks when it comes to writing.

First of all, when it comes to ideas, I never have any problems with the end or the beginning. The first three pages of the essay, for example, only took me one hour to write (and that was more than a week ago). But the middle... I fucking hate it. At the moment, I am struggling with every single word. Because I have this other quirk: Most people seem to be able to write parts of a story and then jump from beginning to end to middle and so on. I'm not. I have to write these horrible parts before I can start with the fun ones, otherwise I can't write them either, and believe me, I tried.

The other people in my little writing group have other problems, so I won't be the only one who hasn't finished the first draft by today, but still...

reached page 9... 11 more to go and still virtually no time *sigh*

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