Jan. 1st, 2014

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Okay, this is the third year in a row. I wanted to read 24 books and only read the following 16. It wasn't even laziness/depression this time. I finished 6 of those books either after a very long time or several tries. Yes, Hemingway, I am speaking of you, thwarting four attempts since I was twelve.

But then, sometime in summer I finally got around to finishing the third season of Game of Thrones and got obsessed with reading fics again. Well, good luck in 2014, self.


Der alte Mann und das Meer von Ernest Hemingway (03.02.13)*
Germania von Tacitus (11.01.13)*
Gesellschaftsgeschichte der Neuzeit 1750-1989 von Altena/van Lente (10.12.13)*
Jerusalem - Die Biografie von Simon Sebag Montefiore (16.05.13)*
Das Kopfkissenbuch der Dame Sei Shonagon von Sei Shonagon, Helmut Bode (20.01.01)*
Lysistrate von Aristophanes (23.05.13)*
Rostam - Die Legenden aus dem Schahnahme von Abu'l-Qasem Ferdausi (24.07.13)*


Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie (19.05.13)**
Blood Books Volume II by Tanya Huff (22.03.13)*
Blood Books Volume III by Tanya Huff (18.04.13)*
Cold Days by Jim Butcher (24.01.13)*
The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett (10.01.13)*
Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino (18.01.13)**
North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (02.02.13)**
Plot versus Character by Jeff Gerke (13.12.13)**
Strike Back by Chris Ryan (15.01.13)*

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