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Nachdem ich mir bei meinen bisherigen Journals nicht die Mühe gemacht habe, einen Einführungs- und Sammelpost zu machen, habe ich mir dieses Mal alle Mühe gegeben, und versucht, meine inzwischen doch schon etwas längere Liste an Werken etwas zu ordnen. Natürlich sieht das auf meiner Website alles viel besser aus (und dort gibt es einiges als PDF zum Runterladen), aber allen, die lieber hier lesen wollen, hilft die folgende Liste hoffentlich. Außerdem empfehle ich euch einen Blick in meine Tags. Wenn ihr eine Fanfiction, Podfic, Übersetzung, Fanart oder ähnliches zu einer meiner Geschichten erstellen wollt, könnt ihr genauere Informationen dazu in meinem Post Meine Einstellung zu Bearbeitungen von und Fanwerken zu meinen Werken finden und mir dort einen Kommentar hinterlassen.

Fanfiction und Originale (Deutsch) )

This hopefully makes it easier to find the more memorable entries in my journal. I did write that much fic in English (yet), though. You can also take a look at the tags and the memories.

Fanfiction (English) )

You can also find all of my fanfics on the AO3: Rodo @ AO3
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I mentioned to [personal profile] anehan a while back that I had Thoughts on how to save the OTW and that I should really post them. This is that post. There are a lot of posts out there about what is wrong with the OTW (and OH GOD, it is a lot), but very few on how to change things for the better, so I thought I’d give it a try. Caveat: I am not an expert on anything, least of all all of the things mentioned here, so take it with a grain of salt. I am mainly speaking from my experiences in International & Outreach (IO) and Translations too, which are sort of the red-headed stepchildren of the OTW, at least it feels like that to me.

Part 1: Radical restructuring )

Part 2: The Leviathan of Our Own )
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Now I hope that the OTW archive will be a lot like Animexx (which is for fanart and dōjinshi as well, and which is the website of an association), but with less focus on anime fandoms and better rules. I have also been told by someone in the OTW that they want to make it more international than, which is what I volunteered for. My Thoughts on Yaoi/the OTW by [personal profile] rodo, 13th January 2008

First off, this is not an election post. It is an evaluation of sorts, and an explanation as to why I do not think I can justify working for the OTW for longer if there aren’t some drastic changes. This is not me being dramatic, in fact, I feel rather sober about it all. I did cry over my keyboard, but that’s not why I write it. I did have volunteer burnout, but that was years ago. I just came to realise that within the organisation, I am powerless to express my dissatisfaction on a wider scale, and that my hopes for the OTW will likely never be realised. I can not change that, which is partly due to the communication culture within the organisation, a culture that I am not equipped to deal with.

1. Forced Positivity – the OTW’s equivalent of Newspeak )

2. What I Came To Achieve and What I Didn’t )

After about four years, here I am, trying to figure out the chances of the OTW becoming what I dreamed of. And I think they are slim. I fought windmills for years and failed. So unless somebody can convince me that there absolutely will be radical changes soon, I don’t think I can justify my continued involvement. Because after four years of development, how can my priority not be an afterthought?
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A/N: I read [personal profile] seperis“well, yeah, if by geek culture you mean men” and had Opinions on “Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die” as well, and I also have to work on my [community profile] inkitout word count a bit ...

Read more... )
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(Geschrieben anlässlich der Tatsache, dass ich aus mir unbekanntem Grund aus dem OP-Team geflogen bin.)

Ich war insgesamt über ein Jahr Operator bei Freiwillig, denn hauptsächlich hatte ich Interesse daran, einfach mal zu schauen, was man als normaler Nutzer nicht zu sehen bekommt. Also habe ich zugesagt. Und das obwohl ich mit der Seite immer schon so meine Problemchen hatte. Nun, um ehrlich zu sein war mein Problem weniger die Seite an sich, und auch mit den Regeln konnte ich ganz gut umgehen. Mein größtes Manko, wie ich auch schon in einem anderen Post erörtert habe, ist Helge. Wer diesen Eindruck auch so schon hat, der wird ihn mit absoluter Sicherheit auch bestätigt bekommen.

Auf gibt es einige Regeln, die ich nicht unbedingt optimal finde, die meisten davon lassen sich aber nicht umgehen, wenn man auf einer in Deutschland gehosteten Seite postet. Hier gibt es nun einmal strengere Regeln für den Umgang mit potentiell jugendgefährdendem Material. Und Sachen ab 18 dürfen einfach nicht offen zugänglich sein, zumindest sobald die Seite eine gewisse Größe erreicht und sich der Aufmerksamkeit von vielen Seiten nicht mehr entziehen kann. Einige Regelung, wie zum Beispiel das AVL-Rating, sind dämlich, aber an und für sich nicht schädlich. Gleiches gilt für das Slash-Rating und die Reviewauflistung auf der ersten Seite. Diese Meinung hatte ich auch durch meine ganze Zeit als Operator, auch wenn ich öffentlich die Entscheidungen verteidigen musste.

Denn: )
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This post was brought to you by the meta discussion about the [community profile] hc_bingo, but it isn’t about that; my position on it is that I prefer hurt without the comfort (otherwise known as whump) for a reason. The problem isn’t really new either.

This post is about Don’t Like, Don’t Read. You’ve all heard it, I’ve already talked about it in passing and this time it looked like this:
“You are ALWAYS free to NOT READ MY FICS. For that matter, if the subject matter bothers you then PLEASE DO NOT READ THEM. You will be happier, I will be happier, everything will be much better. Really. Just don't read them.” [personal profile] darthneko in Oh, is it THAT time again?

See, there’s just this teeny tiny problem with Don’t Like, Don’t Read: most of the time, it doesn’t actually apply. )
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The following news is a few days old, but I was (and still am) very distracted by Dragon Age: Origins and only noticed this yesterday before I went to bed. I'm writing this post in English, because I think it might interesting to some people in English fandom as well as those affected by it in German fandom.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender there are, as the title says, Airbenders (well, one Airbender). There are also Waterbenders, Firebenders and Earthbenders, from what I can tell. I know there are no Lightbenders, but some fanficcers like to make up superspecial powers for their OCs. The German word for Lightbender is Lichtbändiger. Quite harmless, right? Yes, until a firm that designs glasses registers "Lichtbändiger" as a trademark. And sends a cease and desist letter to a German fanfic archive. The following is a rough translation of a few paragraphs from this post:

That is to say, the company Lichtbändiger Brillenglasdesign registered the term "Lichtbändiger" as a trademark. Under this trademark, they sell a variety of glasses whose colourful decorations are their distinguishing characteristic. These glasses can look like this, this or this.

The company Lichtbändiger Brillendesign asked to remove all stories that contain the term "Lichtbändiger". We contacted our lawyer, who advised us to comply with the request. While there is in fact no direct relation between the element benders from Avatar and the glasses, the trademark "Lichtbändiger" applies to electronic publications, which fanfics are in a sense, as well, and so the trademark law applies.

Yeah. I'm not sure I'm as outraged as I could (should?) be because I'm not yet past the WTF?-phase. It just seems so bizarre. But it's not yet April Fools and the post has been up for a while. There even is a follow up post. I still don't quite believe it and hope it's just a really bad joke.
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I remembered that I wrote this months ago because today is Stargate Wednesday on RTL2. I think I mentioned it somewhere already, so I’m posting this before I forget about it again.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Stargate lately, both SG-1 and Atlantis. Which isn’t quite that unusual since I used to watch it every Wednesday until Pro7 decided to air the xth season of Buffy in the same time slot, and given the choice between Stargate and Buffy, my father lost and my brother and I won. That was before I changed schools for the last time, I think, so it’s been eight or nine years. And I’ve changed since then. As has Stargate. Characters died and left and … well, I don’t want to spoil anyone, but a lot has changed.

I also realise that what I’m about to say has probably been said a zillion times before, but a lot has been bugging me about the Stargate franchise from the start, back when I still lacked the words and the knowledge to express my thoughts. I also find it easier to accept some problematic content (like the premise that pyramids were built for spaceships and its implications) while some insignificant details annoy me to no end. I can suspend my disbelief only selectively, apparently. I also realise that sometimes, the shows did it right. I’m talking more about my general impressions.

On Stargate And Why It Will Never Be Among My Favourite Series )
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This article by [ profile] dodger_winslow with the title Angels V2.0 (spoilers for 5.08) reminded me of something that has confused me for quite a while: the assumption that angels in Supernatural don’t have a free will. It shows up in fanfic a lot. Now, this might have to do with the fact that I am not religious and certain religious assumptions generally just confuse the hell out of me, but I’m not sure it’s just that.

Cut for Spoilers (Season Five) )

In conclusion: I really don’t think that the angels have more or less free will than the humans in Supernatural. Or did I miss something? If so, please explain it to me in the easiest way possible. I am that dumb when it comes to Christianity.
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Okay, so I posted a story a few days ago that probably only a few of you noticed. I got reviews, and they're generally positive. The review that spawned this post was positive too, but since it was the first of its kind that I received, I felt the need to talk about it. See, the story was 1200 words long. And the reviewer critized the following:
  1. You're only writing short stories to avoid criticism. Translation: You're afraid of playing with the grown-ups (but you don't have to be, I swear!)
  2. Your short stories are so great, but they're just short stories. Translation: You're wasting your talent on X when you could do Y.
  3. You'd get more reviews if you only just wrote longer stories, simply stretch the material. Translation: Why are you doing this? It's totally pointless because nobody appreciates you!

Okay, so my translations probably aren't that accurate, and I didn't exactly quote her review either. But it's what I got out of it, and it reminded me of something I've heard before: Why are you writing fanfic when you could write a real book? The answer, of course, is because I want to. )
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Okay, the obvious answer to this question would be: “Because not everybody in the world knows English and the AO3 is meant to be for everyone”, and that’s a good answer. It’s not the only answer, though. I know people who never learned English in school. I also know people who have difficulties learning languages and thus never really understood English. But generally speaking, I’m from a country where many, many people learned English in school (it’s compulsory for everyone in my state, for example), where many advertisements are in English, just like shop names, product names and many, many more. In theory, all these people should be able to navigate the archive.

However, being surrounded by English all the time evidently doesn't mean people understand it. )
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Please do not link to this post in newsletters.

Warning: As per [personal profile] blnchflr’s wishes, it’s more informal and also more straightforward than my meta usually is. PS: I hope I managed to write about the topics you people were asking about.

i “loser” canon characters who become fanon heroes (223 words) )

ii sex-god!draco in fanfic (248 words) )

iii fannish entitlement (252 words) )

Random #7

Sep. 12th, 2009 11:38 am
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☞ There are some things that you just don't expect on a Saturday morning. A pneumatic drill next to your flat at 8am is one of them. I'm currently waiting for the paracetamol to kick in.

[personal profile] blnchflr is looking for participants for her Mini Meta Fest.

[personal profile] logovo posted about what the term "aca-fan" might (not) mean.

Supernatural owns my soul. I've spent the last days in a Supernatural-shaped bubble and I hope I can stay there for a bit longer. Reality is so extremely unfunny.

☞ A Supernatural fic rec: And I Wake Up Blind, Like My Dreams Were Too Bright by [ profile] strangeandcharm. Vaguely Dean/Castiel, but mostly narrated from Jimmy's PoV as he tries to help Castiel, who lost his memory and is stuck in a mental hospital thinking he is human.
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You know, I actually wanted to work on the Albus Dumbledore/Gilderoy Lockhart fic that is all It was dead inside's fault today. But then I got sidetracked by the latest plagiarism wank. Funnily enough, I was reminded of the problem a few days ago, so I wrote a meta post about plagiarism.

I'm not a lawyer or a law student (I only had that one course about copyright), and I probably did make mistakes. Please correct me if you find them or if you have something to add to the list.

Plagiarism, What It Is And What It Isn’t, An Idiot's Guide )
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Here be Torchwood and Supernatural spoilers, enter at your own risk. Contains: my thoughts on character torture, RTD's writing ability and a TV Tropes link )

Lastly, a few (spoiler free) quotes on the matter that I liked:


"Russel said it was his intention to give his fans a punch in the gut. Then he was surprised that many of his fans didn't like being punched in the gut? What did he expect?" by [ profile] zyna_kat on [ profile] fandom_wank 5

And now I'm hopefully off to clean my flat for tomorrow. Argh! I hate cleaning!
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The current debate about warnings really disturbs me. I haven't experienced sexual abuse and/or rape. And I have a problem with triggering content. No idea why, but certain topics can cause panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. It's been that way since I was six. I had my first nervous breakdown then, after watching a documentary on how the world is going to end when the sun will expand in five billion years. To this day, I have problems with this topic (and please don't ask about it in the comments either, trying to explain will mean I have to think about it in too much detail, which is not good), and with certain other aspects of astrophysics. I don't expect a warning for that, but that's a very specific trigger.

Cut for length and TMI )

I would like to avoid these topics, and so do other people, for various reasons, not all of them triggers, but still valid. I know it's hard for people who don't feel like their life is a Spießrutenlauf to understand this, but we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves, and we're not infallible. We need help for this. So please, warn for the most common subjects, and if you don't, state that visibly (not everyone looks into a profile before reading a story).

In fact, if something is warned for, I might even read it if I feel well enough, because that way, I can ready myself for the subject. Which helps more than you can imagine.
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Yesterday, someone posted a rant on [ profile] fanficrants. The ranter's point was that a) the fandom doesn't need fanzines anymore and that b) the prices on them are very unreasonable, especially considering that you can post/read fanfic online for free. This post is the tl;dr version of my not very organized thoughts on the post and the discussion:

I am rather new school when it comes to fandom, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the appeal of zines (even though I don't own a single one). In fact, I wish I had the money to buy them, because zines have some advantages. Fanfic on the internet disappears very fast, compared to non-net standards. Give it five years and many URLs will be invalid, the authors decided the fics were crap, or the fandom suffered from a wave of cease and desist letters. When you buy a zine, you get to choose how long you want to keep it, not the person hosting and/or publishing the stuff.

Cut for length )
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First of all: This is all [personal profile] lian's fault. And the fault of the anonymous person who so generously gifted me with two months of paid time (&hearts). This is also a follow-up post to my last post about fandom and language, in a way. It's also my first poll, so please tell me what I could have done better.

Note: For the purpose of this poll, I won't define "fandom" or "(language) fandom". I'll leave that up to you.

On to the very long poll— )

PS: I would appreciate it if you would pimp this poll.
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A lot of other people have already written about why they will (or won’t) move to DW. This post is about my reasons, which are not limited to the question “Why DW?” but are also about “Why not LJ?” and “Why not IJ?” (even though I will not abandon my IJ, don’t worry). Anyway, I would prefer it if you followed my posts on DW if you have an account there. And I would prefer to follow your posts there as well.

Why DW? )

Why not LJ? )

Why not IJ? )

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