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Remember [personal profile] blnchflr's posting pact? I think I posted more this month than I posted during the three months before. I tagged ten posts as part of the posting pact (five of them are meta) and posted a few more. I also commented a lot more, at least that was my impression.

Yay! It feels good to actually be able to do something I said I'd do for once. Maybe that's a good sign for my new fic. I want to try for one chapter a month. The last one took me about two months, which is a good sign since I worked on the first chapter for four months and even longer on the prologue. And then there's also the Merlin oneshot and the Dresden Files ficlet that I planned.

Apart from that: I'm very exited about Open Beta on DW. *squee* Only 17 hours left.
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A lot of other people have already written about why they will (or won’t) move to DW. This post is about my reasons, which are not limited to the question “Why DW?” but are also about “Why not LJ?” and “Why not IJ?” (even though I will not abandon my IJ, don’t worry). Anyway, I would prefer it if you followed my posts on DW if you have an account there. And I would prefer to follow your posts there as well.

Why DW? )

Why not LJ? )

Why not IJ? )
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For those of you on my flist who like Harry Potter fanfiction: If don't know the community already, please take a look at [ profile] hp_beholder. It's a fic exchange for rare pairings and characters that are not too popular. I'm generally a slash fan, but this is the community that makes me read het and femslash.

Below the cut, you will find the links to the three stories I loved from this year's exchange:

A Murmur, Beautiful & There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) )
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The topic of this post is one that has been on my mind for years, and this certainly isn’t the first attempt to write it all down. This post is about my very subjective experience in fandom, which, I believe, is not quite normal. I suppose all of you who are multifannish know at least to some degree what I am talking about, because essentially, I am talking about being in two fandoms at once. But while most people experience two fandoms as two different things they’re interested in, for me, it is the same thing, in two languages.

So I suppose this is where I should introduce myself: I am a German and German is my first language. I didn’t really start learning English until I was ten (so I am not really bilingual). I started writing fanfiction when I was seven. I discovered fandom when I started reading the AnimaniA when I was fourteen. I doubt more than a few of you ever touched that magazine, but I loved it. Buying the new issue was more fun than Christmas. I discovered online fandom when I was nineteen, googling Harry Potter and finding Animexx. A few months later, somebody posted the translation of this really great Harry Potter fanfic (or so I thought at the time – it was the Draco Trilogy), and I started reading it in English.

That was five years ago, and since then, I spent time in English and in German fandom. )
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I'm still behind schedule. *sigh* And I can't really think of anything clever to say, so this will be one of those random ramblings mentioned in [personal profile] blnchflr's latest post.

To be honest, I didn't do much lately. I read Corambis, which I didn't like quite as much as its prequels and which I found a bit disappointing as a last book in a series. I don't know why exactly, but I feel as if there was still a book left. I also didn't know quite what to do with the number of new characters, considering that most of the cast was the same in the first three books and none of them showed up again. Not to mention the really sloppy solution for the dialect of the Caloxan people ("dost", "thee", "thou" etc.).

I also spent hours on LibraryThing (link to my page), which I first found about two months ago via this wank report. And, well, I quite like it. Is there anybody else on my flist who has an account there? I have a feeling I know this person.
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*sigh* I'm behind schedule, and I kind of lack a proper topic for this week's meta (I can only think semi-properly because I'm on ibuprofen anyway), so this is what you get instead:

Archiving Fic on Blogs

I just spent half the day organising my fic on my DW account, for various reasons:

1.) The import helper does not change the links at the bottom of a chapter that leads to the next one. I had to do it manually, because otherwise people would have ended up on IJ instead.

2.) I revamped my tagging system. I added genres, ratings, warnings, pairings and several story tags.

3.) I used all that to finally put a sticky post at the top of my journal with links to (almost) all of my stories and various tags.

And that, of course, reminded me of how ill equipped journals are for fic archiving. )

Apologies for the mistakes I probably made. As mentioned above, my brain is not fully functional at the moment.
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I almost forgot that, according to my posting schedule, I have to post today. Constant headaches and Turn Coat will do that to you. I still haven't finished the book yet (stupid headaches!), but I really like it so far. Jim Butcher even poked fun at the horrendously wrong German he used a few books back. (Die Lied der Erlking? Really, what was he thinking?) And he mentioned Bremen while doing so! Seeing Bremen mentioned in foreign fiction always makes me ridiculously happy. ([ profile] sevilemar, I hope I didn't wake you up with my text message full of squee, if I did, sorry.) I have an idea for a drabble to ficlet sized story based on that.

Other than that: #amazonfail is extremely unfunny. I think a of the books on my shelf are amazonranked. And others are by authors whose other books are. One of those books, Gender Trouble, I bought for university and a lot of the authors Judith Butler quotes are affected as well, it seems. I bought them all via Amazon. Well, I'll look for other alternatives now. Which I guess they will notice because so far I bought most of my books on Amazon.

A few links:

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Okay, I think I found my topic for today's meta (I'm keeping my schedule, see?): long stories.

Not stories that are long, mind you. Stories that feel long (not necessarily the same thing). A good story should make you forget time. It should suck you into its world until you wish the story would never end. I've read quite a few stories like these, and I love them. But there are other stories too. Stories that promise to be these amazing stories that you wish would never end, and then ... they just don't. They get longer and longer, full of stuff that is totally unnecessary, that deters from the purpose that is just plain boring to read. These are stories that I wish were betaed by those competent people who know when a story might be better off being shorter. I know I told an author once to cut a few scenes. Am I just an exception or do other people really not mind these stories?

Anyway, I will list a few stories that felt too long for me, and why:

List under the cut )

I'd like to know about your experiences and theories about this as well, because I don't think I'm the only one who hates feeling that reading a story becomes some sort of chore that I only keep doing because I really used to love them. And is there any way to tactfully tell the authors that their beloved hydras really aren't as lovely as they seem to think?

Note: This is probably not very well thought out (I'm running on caffeine). I also apologize if linking these examples hurts the authors. I will take out the links if it does, just leave me a comment.


Apr. 7th, 2009 07:12 pm
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I think I finally found out what I hate most about spring. Yes, I am one of those few people who don't feel the sudden need to get outside and spent time in the sun. Instead, I'd rather lock myself away in my room and ignore the whole thing.

I have allergies and really, sun isn't lots of fun if you're as pale as I am, and I rather prefer an arctic climate, but I think I hate the smells the most. Once the temperature rises about 15°C, everything starts to smell. Well, "stink" would probably be a better word. The plants, the earth, the stones, the asphalt. Urgh! I know some people don't react the way I do, but to me it's as if I was surrounded by tons of people who put on too much perfume.
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Ich bin jetzt schon eine ganze Weile auf Seit Herbst 2004, um genau zu sein, also anderthalb Jahre nachdem ich das Fandom über Animexx entdeckt habe. Über lange Zeit war es nicht mein Hauptarchiv, aber seit ich einige meiner Sachen nicht mehr auf Animexx posten konnte und ich es dort generell nicht mehr so gut fand (aber das wäre ein Thema für einen anderen Post), ist quasi mein Hauptarchiv. taugt schließlich nicht wirklich als Alternative für Deutschsprachiges und mit anderen Seiten konnte ich mich auch nicht anfreunden. Findet außer mir noch irgendwer, dass vom Layout her zu myspacig ist?. Außerdem ist „Depression“ kein Genre, und es ist auch mit Sicherheit nicht das, was sie im Blurb angeben.

Aber nun zum Thema. Die Punkte sind nicht vollkommen durchdacht und wahrscheinlich würde mir noch mehr einfallen, wenn ich etwas länger darüber nachdenken würde:

8 Kritikpunkte zu, ohne besondere Reihenfolge )

Wahrscheinlich bin ich einfach zu verwöhnt durch InsaneJournal, LiveJournal und meine eigene Webseite, bei denen ich (größtenteils) machen kann was ich will und mich nicht mit dämlichen Beschränkungen herumärgern muss. Außerdem zeigt das OTW-Archiv, dass diese Optionen durchaus technisch umzusetzen sind.
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[ profile] skuf posted a poll about a posting pact and I decided to participate, because otherwise I'll write a post a month and nothing more. I just am that lazy. So, I'll have to post twice a week at least, and at least one of these posts will have to be meta! Maybe I'll finally post my criticism of for the first post, I don't know yet. Anyway, this is the first post!

And since it is April 1st and I usually ignore the media on this special day because I hate them trying to fool me, I'll recommend a film I watched years ago on this day on arte: Opération lune.

They actually fooled me with this one (normally I notice and that makes it so much more annoying). I mean, it has Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger!

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