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I mentioned to [personal profile] anehan a while back that I had Thoughts on how to save the OTW and that I should really post them. This is that post. There are a lot of posts out there about what is wrong with the OTW (and OH GOD, it is a lot), but very few on how to change things for the better, so I thought I’d give it a try. Caveat: I am not an expert on anything, least of all all of the things mentioned here, so take it with a grain of salt. I am mainly speaking from my experiences in International & Outreach (IO) and Translations too, which are sort of the red-headed stepchildren of the OTW, at least it feels like that to me.

Part 1: Radical restructuring )

Part 2: The Leviathan of Our Own )
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Now I hope that the OTW archive will be a lot like Animexx (which is for fanart and dōjinshi as well, and which is the website of an association), but with less focus on anime fandoms and better rules. I have also been told by someone in the OTW that they want to make it more international than, which is what I volunteered for. My Thoughts on Yaoi/the OTW by [personal profile] rodo, 13th January 2008

First off, this is not an election post. It is an evaluation of sorts, and an explanation as to why I do not think I can justify working for the OTW for longer if there aren’t some drastic changes. This is not me being dramatic, in fact, I feel rather sober about it all. I did cry over my keyboard, but that’s not why I write it. I did have volunteer burnout, but that was years ago. I just came to realise that within the organisation, I am powerless to express my dissatisfaction on a wider scale, and that my hopes for the OTW will likely never be realised. I can not change that, which is partly due to the communication culture within the organisation, a culture that I am not equipped to deal with.

1. Forced Positivity – the OTW’s equivalent of Newspeak )

2. What I Came To Achieve and What I Didn’t )

After about four years, here I am, trying to figure out the chances of the OTW becoming what I dreamed of. And I think they are slim. I fought windmills for years and failed. So unless somebody can convince me that there absolutely will be radical changes soon, I don’t think I can justify my continued involvement. Because after four years of development, how can my priority not be an afterthought?
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(Geschrieben anlässlich der Tatsache, dass ich aus mir unbekanntem Grund aus dem OP-Team geflogen bin.)

Ich war insgesamt über ein Jahr Operator bei Freiwillig, denn hauptsächlich hatte ich Interesse daran, einfach mal zu schauen, was man als normaler Nutzer nicht zu sehen bekommt. Also habe ich zugesagt. Und das obwohl ich mit der Seite immer schon so meine Problemchen hatte. Nun, um ehrlich zu sein war mein Problem weniger die Seite an sich, und auch mit den Regeln konnte ich ganz gut umgehen. Mein größtes Manko, wie ich auch schon in einem anderen Post erörtert habe, ist Helge. Wer diesen Eindruck auch so schon hat, der wird ihn mit absoluter Sicherheit auch bestätigt bekommen.

Auf gibt es einige Regeln, die ich nicht unbedingt optimal finde, die meisten davon lassen sich aber nicht umgehen, wenn man auf einer in Deutschland gehosteten Seite postet. Hier gibt es nun einmal strengere Regeln für den Umgang mit potentiell jugendgefährdendem Material. Und Sachen ab 18 dürfen einfach nicht offen zugänglich sein, zumindest sobald die Seite eine gewisse Größe erreicht und sich der Aufmerksamkeit von vielen Seiten nicht mehr entziehen kann. Einige Regelung, wie zum Beispiel das AVL-Rating, sind dämlich, aber an und für sich nicht schädlich. Gleiches gilt für das Slash-Rating und die Reviewauflistung auf der ersten Seite. Diese Meinung hatte ich auch durch meine ganze Zeit als Operator, auch wenn ich öffentlich die Entscheidungen verteidigen musste.

Denn: )
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Okay, the obvious answer to this question would be: “Because not everybody in the world knows English and the AO3 is meant to be for everyone”, and that’s a good answer. It’s not the only answer, though. I know people who never learned English in school. I also know people who have difficulties learning languages and thus never really understood English. But generally speaking, I’m from a country where many, many people learned English in school (it’s compulsory for everyone in my state, for example), where many advertisements are in English, just like shop names, product names and many, many more. In theory, all these people should be able to navigate the archive.

However, being surrounded by English all the time evidently doesn't mean people understand it. )
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The topic of this post is one that has been on my mind for years, and this certainly isn’t the first attempt to write it all down. This post is about my very subjective experience in fandom, which, I believe, is not quite normal. I suppose all of you who are multifannish know at least to some degree what I am talking about, because essentially, I am talking about being in two fandoms at once. But while most people experience two fandoms as two different things they’re interested in, for me, it is the same thing, in two languages.

So I suppose this is where I should introduce myself: I am a German and German is my first language. I didn’t really start learning English until I was ten (so I am not really bilingual). I started writing fanfiction when I was seven. I discovered fandom when I started reading the AnimaniA when I was fourteen. I doubt more than a few of you ever touched that magazine, but I loved it. Buying the new issue was more fun than Christmas. I discovered online fandom when I was nineteen, googling Harry Potter and finding Animexx. A few months later, somebody posted the translation of this really great Harry Potter fanfic (or so I thought at the time – it was the Draco Trilogy), and I started reading it in English.

That was five years ago, and since then, I spent time in English and in German fandom. )
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*sigh* I'm behind schedule, and I kind of lack a proper topic for this week's meta (I can only think semi-properly because I'm on ibuprofen anyway), so this is what you get instead:

Archiving Fic on Blogs

I just spent half the day organising my fic on my DW account, for various reasons:

1.) The import helper does not change the links at the bottom of a chapter that leads to the next one. I had to do it manually, because otherwise people would have ended up on IJ instead.

2.) I revamped my tagging system. I added genres, ratings, warnings, pairings and several story tags.

3.) I used all that to finally put a sticky post at the top of my journal with links to (almost) all of my stories and various tags.

And that, of course, reminded me of how ill equipped journals are for fic archiving. )

Apologies for the mistakes I probably made. As mentioned above, my brain is not fully functional at the moment.
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Ich bin jetzt schon eine ganze Weile auf Seit Herbst 2004, um genau zu sein, also anderthalb Jahre nachdem ich das Fandom über Animexx entdeckt habe. Über lange Zeit war es nicht mein Hauptarchiv, aber seit ich einige meiner Sachen nicht mehr auf Animexx posten konnte und ich es dort generell nicht mehr so gut fand (aber das wäre ein Thema für einen anderen Post), ist quasi mein Hauptarchiv. taugt schließlich nicht wirklich als Alternative für Deutschsprachiges und mit anderen Seiten konnte ich mich auch nicht anfreunden. Findet außer mir noch irgendwer, dass vom Layout her zu myspacig ist?. Außerdem ist „Depression“ kein Genre, und es ist auch mit Sicherheit nicht das, was sie im Blurb angeben.

Aber nun zum Thema. Die Punkte sind nicht vollkommen durchdacht und wahrscheinlich würde mir noch mehr einfallen, wenn ich etwas länger darüber nachdenken würde:

8 Kritikpunkte zu, ohne besondere Reihenfolge )

Wahrscheinlich bin ich einfach zu verwöhnt durch InsaneJournal, LiveJournal und meine eigene Webseite, bei denen ich (größtenteils) machen kann was ich will und mich nicht mit dämlichen Beschränkungen herumärgern muss. Außerdem zeigt das OTW-Archiv, dass diese Optionen durchaus technisch umzusetzen sind.
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Well, needless to say, I haven't been well. I hope I can sort it out some next term. I at least managed to go to a doctor and got a note which allowed me to take a break from university. And I handed in a homework today which I hope will find its way to the lecturer (secretaries at my university always get ill when students have to work on a deadline) and that she will be okay with ten pages plus bibliography instead of ten pages including bibliography. *sigh*

Fic Progress )


Ein neues Rating auf )
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  • Apparently "Misc. - Book X-overs" is slang for "Original".

  • That I can sympathize with a flamer who flames almost every single fic in that category (at least on the recent pages.

  • That Tokio Hotel truly has invaded the English fandom.

  • That a story without typos and with good grammar, punctuation and style can still be a horrible badfic.

  • That rules are for other people.

Does anybody know a good, multifandom crossover archive? I thought I had one in my bookmarks, but apparently I don't.
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Ich hatte mich eigentlich über das neue gefreut, aber da die im Moment so einen Wirbel drum machen, dass jemand sich öffentlich über eine gewisse BNF-Autorin beschwert und ihr Verhalten anprangert hat, hat sich das schnell wieder gelegt. Und je mehr ich von den Betreibern mitbekomme, desto weniger mag ich sie. *seufz* Dabei hatte ich die Seite bisher eigentlich recht gern.

Außerdem: Kritik an jemandes Verhalten =/= Verstoß gegen das Persönlichkeitsrecht (inwieweit das auf Internetpseudonyme zutrifft, weiß ich noch nicht einmal)

Wenn das im englischen Fandom genauso lief, würden wahrscheinlich immer noch alle Leute denken, Laura Hale/wie-auch-immer-sie-gerade-heißt wäre die Person für die sie gerne gehalten würde.
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Okay, Animexx hat es tatsächlich geschafft, die bescheuertste neue Regel für den Fanfiction-Bereich zu erstellen die mir bisher untergekommen ist. Sie lautet wie folgt:


es wird eine neue Regelung bezüglich FFs, die zum Inhalt die Verwaltigung an Minderjährigen in HARRY POTTER FFs geben.
Diese sind absofort verboten.
Der Grund ist der, dass durch die Realverfilmung sich der eigentlich fiktive Gegenstand zu leicht auf reales übertragen lässt und wir uns deshalb genötigt sehen dies nicht länger zuzulassen (und nein, ich habe mir das nicht ausgedacht). (1)

Meine Kritik )

(1) Quelle:
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Firstly, I have to admit that yes, I did volunteer for the OTW. My reason for doing so was neither my belief that what they do is the best thing that ever happened to fandom, but rather my realisation that it was time to stop whining and do something. I have been in online fandom for almost five years now. But really, I drew fanart long before that. It all started when I googled for news on the fifth Harry Potter book and I ended up reading a fic about Harry and Draco having sex. I was appalled at first. But still, I could not wait for the next book, and so I looked for other, less slashy stories. I was hooked, and I stayed. During these five years, I witnessed a few skirmishes with TPTB, and neither of them ended in favour of the fannish side. The fans whined about it and migrated elsewhere. This flexibility is one of the things I admire fandom for, but my admiration never stopped me from wishing there would be no more migration, that we would all live happily ever after in our own perfect place. And that, in essence, is what the OTW offers. That does not mean that I agree with all their ideas, but I realised that I did not improve things by quietly whining in my own little corner of fandom, but that I have to work with them to make sure they take the direction I want them to. I have seen a lot of people criticising them, but only a few of them made an effort to talk to them.

Cut for tl;dr )

I know that I did not touch upon a lot of the criticism I read, but these are the most common points, I think. I apologise for the sheer length of my ramblings and the mistakes I likely made.

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