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This is me, procrastinating on finally starting my Yuletide fic. If I don't get that done soon, finding a beta will be a bitch.

Arang and the Magistrate, A Gentleman's Diary, Nice Guy, Queen In Hyun's Man and To the Beautiful You )
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Heartstrings, The Princess' Man, Rooftop Prince, Skip Beat, Tree With Deep Roots )

For those of you who decide to watch both Tree With Deep Roots and The Princess’ Man, keep an eye out for some of the supporting characters. You will find out what happens to the bright young scholars from one series in the next, since the three kings in TPM are the sons and grandson of the king in TWDR.
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I think I mentioned my obsession with Horrible Histories, although "obsession" might be a bit tame a word for the utter glee I feel when listening to the songs. And since I just found a couple of new videos to listen to, it reminded me that there was also great Yuletide fic that I don't think I linked yet. But first, the songs:

- Single Ladies, by Mary Seacole, way better than Florence, yo.

- David Bowie - ChangesCharles Darwin - Natural Selection. Hey, it is about changes.

- The Monkees, pardon, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes - The Thinkers

- The RAF Boys debut with their RAF Pilots Song Watch out, Take That

The last two make me want to dance so much. I want more! I guess there goes the rest of my day. Again. As for fanfic:

- Cranky Cristmasses in HHTV's News at When studio.

- The Big Gay Episode - including songs!

- Merry Monarchs experiment with crossdressing
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I still haven’t finished my current dorama binge (hey, I haven’t even worked my way up to the Chinese and Japanese doramas), so I decided to do a recs post every time I have five series to recommend. I have a type when it comes to series that I do watch, so some elements are bound to repeat themselves. So here are two historical dramas, one about conmen, one about revenge and one about an unlikely couple. Not in that order.

City Hunter, Iljimae, Oh! My Lady, The Return of Iljimae, Tazza )

Random #32

Aug. 17th, 2011 05:06 pm
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☞ I'm sick. I'm a terrible sick person. I'm as whiny as a stereotypical man, only I get way more clingy. So I try to compensate by writing an entry.

☞ My entry for [community profile] parallelsfic: The Taming of a Crazy Horse (2278 words, fandom: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, pairing: Yong Ha/Jae Shin. I'll repost it once I get around to sorting the epic amount of screencaps I took during the rewatch.

☞ Another series you should definitely be watching is Teen Wolf. You didn't see that one coming, I bet. But seriously, it's good entertainment. Not necessarily intelligent entertainment, but good anyway. It's also definitely a series for girls. There's just no other reason for featuring so many half-naked men. Apart from that: the series plays with your espectations (Lydia!), there's a star-crossed romance, the dumbest main character ever (which is awesome, I promise), a best friend with ADD (<3 Stiles) and decent horror and humour.

And now I'll crawl back into bed and curl up with Ghost Story. Or maybe I'll watch Personal Preference instead. Way too many choices.
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So, I’ve been watching dorama again. This isn’t the first time, but this time I’ve actually managed to finish more than one series because I didn’t have to rely on my ex-flatmate to supply me with new material. She always gave up on everything after the first couple of episodes. Memory like a goldfish, attention span of a fly.

Anyway, after a few tries, I found out what I disliked about the dorama that I watched a few years ago. Many have love triangles or – if the authors feel like it – love dodecahedrons, and for some reason I almost always dislike the main guy that eventually ends up getting the girl. The second male lead is nice, far more attractive and really awesome, while the male main character is an asshole that treats the female main character like shit. Yeah, not so much my thing. Some series can make it work for me, but most can’t. I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem, so here are a few dorama recs from me:

Coffee Prince, Hong Gil Dong, Powerful Opponents, Strongest Chil Woo, Sungkyunkwan Scandal )

Random #29

Mar. 3rd, 2011 10:30 pm
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... where did that month go again? I swear, it was around here somewhere. Anyway:

☞ I have been vaguely sick. Meaning that I am too tired to stay awake for an entire day for some reason. If I stay awake for too long, I get a headache that will only get worse until I get to sleep for an hour or two. No clue what exactly is wrong. Maybe it's just the time of the year.

☞ I completely forgot to mention that I participated in the Lunar New Year Exchange on [community profile] white_lotus, didn't I? Well, I did! I got a lovely picture of Toph by [personal profile] zephre and I wrote Less Than a Day in Paradise, which follows Azula after the end of the series. I swear I will get around to replying to the comments some day.

☞ I caved and started playing Echo Bazaar, even though I said I would never do that.

☞ And finally: I rediscovered my love for dorama. I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and it is just adorable. Must rewatch Coffee Prince (with English subtitles this time), and if any of you have recs for me, please comment!

Random #20

May. 13th, 2010 04:37 pm
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[community profile] ficondemand hosts a First Kiss Comment Fic Meme. I would love to participate, but I can't write anything halfway decent in English at the moment, fictionwise. I can, however, rec One Mad Moment by [personal profile] lemposoi, which is Jeeves/Wooster. It also has two Velvet Goldmine oneshots!

☞ Does anyone know if Robert Silverberg is against fanfic? I found a SFF anthology today that I originally bought because it contained a Lord John short story by Diana Gabaldon. The other authors? George R. R. Martin, Orson Scott Card and Robin Hobb. And Silverberg. I sense a pattern there, but I couldn't find any info on Silverberg.

☞ I've been watching old (well, old by internet years) shows lately. Among them The Middleman which is funny and adorable, and The Black Donnellys, which is awesome. I have a thing for stories about brothers and crime. Both were cancelled after one season, sadly. I also watched Im Angesicht des Verbrechens, which is actually quite good but feels somehow raw and unfinished in places. I have no idea what exactly we needed the whole "destined to be together" subplot for – the getting together would have worked just fine without that.

☞ Do you have any recs for long, plotty original slash about adults? I have a craving for it but I don't know how to find them. I defaulted to RPF AUs, but it's just not the same.

Random #10

Oct. 9th, 2009 11:19 am
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☞ Dear writers of FlashForward, please don't ever use German again. It was grammatically correct and the actors were actual German speakers (or plain awesome) and all ... it just wasn't really German. It sounded more like English. Imagine Japanese -> English translation that's grammatically correct but still not English, I'm sure there are a few.

☞ A propos German: Nobel Prize in Literature! Whoo! I'm always in a party mood when an author who writes in German gets the prize, because our language needs all the PR it can get (yes, even Tokio Hotel). There really isn't as much of a market for German books, and compared to English, few books get translated. Seriously, every idiot who writes their book in English can get it translated (e.g. Cassandra Clare), but German -> English is much rarer, I think. I haven't read any of Müller's books, but I think they sound interesting. I guess the east/west conflict is not of much interest in the US, but for me, it really is.

☞ Also: Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I kind of wanted Hu Jia to win.

ETA: Can someone explain to me why this post has a scrollbar?

Random #3

Jul. 18th, 2009 12:07 pm
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☞ First of all: Happy birthday [personal profile] lian!

☞ I finally finished watching the first season of Legend of the Seeker. I only watched it because some people insisted it was awesome and ... it was not. It is standard fantasy. It has more Luke I Am Your Father moments than I care about. Which is strange, because I love the trope and some others that were used and not one of the managed to really pull me in. It tries to be serious and it just doesn't work, and it isn't cracky enough to match Xena. About the only thing halfway attractive about the series is the main character who spends lots of time without a shirt.

☞ I wrote a little over a page yesterday. It's crappy, has nothing to do with my ongoing projects and is very much unlike anything I normally write, but it's something. Now all it needs is a plot.

☞ I'm still feeling down, especially because I haven't been able to sleep much thanks to the weather. Hot and so humid walking feels more like swimming is not fun.

☞ Still didn't watch the last episode of Torchwood. At the moment, I really don't want to, to be honest.
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It's been a while since I posted the last time. Huh, I really hadn't noticed. Anywhere, here's a round-up of sorts:

☞ I have new invite codes to hand out. If you want one or know somebody who does, you can tell me.

☞ It's all [ profile] frogspace's fault, I forgot all about it, but she reminded me again, and so I watched a show called Lasko - Die Faust Gottes, in which RTL proves yet again that there's a certain brand of crazy and cracky that can only be found on German television. It's a show about a monk (Lasko) from an order called Pugnus Dei (The Fist of God) who fights evil. It's like a Shaolin B-movie, only with Catholic monks instead of Buddhist monks. (It works as well as you'd expect.) He mostly fights a group called Ares, which is an evil Catholic group that seeks world domination and makes money by selling weapons to African dictators (to emphasize how EVIL they are). Of course there's a woman as well, a police inspector who hunts the weapons' salesman, and Lasko saves her when her plane was abducted. It's pure canon crack, if you ask me.

On rape and men is a very interesting post by [personal profile] cereta (which is why most of you will have read it already). Well, to be exact, the comments are very interesting.

☞ Seems like it's time for the LJ Advisory Board elections. I couldn't care less.

☞ Can anyone rec good fanmixes?
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Argh! Ich habe gerade den Torchwood-Trailer auf RTL2 gesehen. Gwens Synchronstimme ist ... autsch, und ich bin da normalerweise ziemlich tolerant (die Stimme von Ted in QaF hat mir nichts ausgemacht). Außerdem hat mich der Trailer leicht an den zu Twilight erinnert.

Kann dieser Sender auch eine Serie nicht ruinieren, nur so ausnahmsweise?
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I am so in love with Being Human *squee*.

I know the show’s premise sounds a bit like a bad joke (So a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a bar…), but it’s very adorable, promise. Especially George, the neurotic werewolf. Hell, I even like the vampire.

Spoilers for the first episode ahead )
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The more I watch of the third season of Heroes the more it disappoints me. Unlike the fourth season of Supernatural, which might turn out to be its best. And that got me thinking: Why don't I like the new season? A lot of other reviews I read are largely positive. And I don't like it at all. So far, it's even worse than last season. I figured it had something to do with why I liked the first season so much.

What I used to love about Heroes )

All this seems to be missing in the latest season, and I am only watching it because I hope it might get better. I am not optimistic, though. Watching the season is not fun at all.

Any thoughts?

TV shows:

Sep. 30th, 2008 10:46 pm
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So, I've been watching a lot of TV series lately, and since there are new episodes of my favourites, I decided to write about them all. Beware of the spoilers:

Bones )

Heroes )

Merlin )

Prison Break )

Sons of Anarchy )

Supernatural )


True Blood )
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Ich möchte die Leute von MTV echt verprügeln. "Voten" konnte ich noch einigermaßen ignorieren, genauso wie die meisten anderen überflüssigen Anglizismen, aber:

"Celebrity Rehab - Weil Celebritys sind auch Menschen."


Ist es wirklich so schwer das Verb im Nebensatz ans Ende zu setzen, wenn man nicht gerade spontan losplappert? Cooler wirkt es so auf jeden Fall nicht.

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