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I was supposed to meet friends today, but when I went to the train station, it wasn't there. Well, it was there, the platforms, tracks and trains, however, were not. And so I had to trek back on foot, which gave me the opportunity to take photos of the wild flowers blooming right now, and a blister.

flowers photo wildblumen_final_zps4d82adad.png*

* Some of these names might not be accurate - I had to look up five of the flowers.

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PS: Should I finally kick myself in the ass and write the meta post about AUs that has been on my mind for a while now?
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Today is a special someone's first birthday. She couldn't care less and just wants to have a quiet nap, snack on human food and gnaw on my story notebooks without being disturbed. And wool, let's not forget the wool. The following catspam was taken with my phone camera, which sucks unless you're taking photos in full daylight, so ...

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Two months ago, I finally visited my old friend Julia for the first time. She's studying in Bremerhaven, or Fish Town, and we hadn't met for ages. And because I like photography so much at the moment, I decided to take my camera with me. I was lucky, because the weather was great and we took a walk on the dyke.

Here are (some of) the results:

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