Oct. 14th, 2013

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I hope I will not be one of those recipients one hates to write for. Those who demand either too much – half a novel with a specific pairing and ten kinks – and those who don’t give you any idea of who they are and what they wish for. So I will tell you what I like most about the fandoms and what fic I’ve been longing for to give you and idea what I want, but first a few general remarks:

I read slash, het and gen, although I have been mostly into gen and canon pairings lately. I like stories about friendships, adventures, hurt/comfort that’s heavy on the comfort part and I always appreciate a good plot (and some good porn). Two things I would really rather not read are deathfic (although death as a minor or canon plot point is fine) and detailed depictions of depression, as both can sometimes trigger depressive episodes and anxiety attacks. Apart from that, I am not easily squicked and can deal with almost anything you will throw at me.

As for the fandoms: I always choose fandoms where I am glad about every fic written for them or the characters, so even if I don’t squee myself silly (I’m not good at squeeing at all, it’s a personality quirk), I will appreciate the effort you put into your story. This year’s letter also contains some copypasta from previous exchanges where these wishes were not fulfilled.

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