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Okay, [ profile] fandom_wank has the first funny wank in ages, which is really refreshing after all the fail. There's just nothing like arguing over whether Dean Winchesters hair is blond or brown. I'm curious, though:

Picture behind the cut. )

Poll #3769 Dean Winchester - blond or brown haired?
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Dean Winchester's hair colour is:

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somewhere inbetween
4 (19.0%)


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11 (52.4%)

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I couldn't care less
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he's secretly a redhead
6 (28.6%)

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Titel: Coda zu 5.19
Fandom: Supernatural
Charaktere: Kali & Gabriel
Kategorie: Doppeldrabble, Coda
Warnungen: Keine
Beta: [personal profile] sevilemar
A/N: Dieses Ficlet enthält offensichtlich Spoiler und ist hauptsächlich entstanden, da ich mit einer Canon-Entwicklung nicht unbedingt zufrieden war. Das hier ist also Fix-it-Fic.

Kali stand am Straßenrand ... )
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This article by [ profile] dodger_winslow with the title Angels V2.0 (spoilers for 5.08) reminded me of something that has confused me for quite a while: the assumption that angels in Supernatural don’t have a free will. It shows up in fanfic a lot. Now, this might have to do with the fact that I am not religious and certain religious assumptions generally just confuse the hell out of me, but I’m not sure it’s just that.

Cut for Spoilers (Season Five) )

In conclusion: I really don’t think that the angels have more or less free will than the humans in Supernatural. Or did I miss something? If so, please explain it to me in the easiest way possible. I am that dumb when it comes to Christianity.
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Titel: Bettgeschichten
Fandom: Supernatural
Autor: [personal profile] rodo
Länge: 1221
Rating: PG
Genre: Ficlet, Gen
Charaktere: Sam & Dean Winchester
Warnungen/Labels: keine
Beta: [personal profile] anotherslashfan und [personal profile] sevilemar
Spoiler: allgemeine, aber nichts Spezifisches über die erste Folge hinaus
Disclaimer: Die Rechte liegen bei CW, Eric Kripke und ProSieben. Aber ich liebe die Jungs trotzdem.
A/N: Rating ausschließlich wegen Dean Winchesters Mundwerk. Abgesehen davon ist die Geschichte absolut harmlos. Inspiriert durch das Prompt „Sharing a bed“ vom 27.07.2009 auf [community profile] dailyprompt (Ja, ich brauche für so etwas Monate).
Inhalt: Eine Geschichte über Sam, Dean und wie sie sich mal mehr und mal weniger freiwillig das Bett geteilt haben.

Bettgeschichten )

Random #11

Oct. 17th, 2009 09:42 am
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☞ So, the latest Supernatural episode got me thinking … Spoilers Ahead )

☞ The OTW is looking for volunteers and donations. Since I do volunteer already and am kind of broke, I thought I'd simply spread the word.

☞ I'm really, really disappointed with the latest two Sanctuary episodes. Spoilers for the second season. )

☞ Es ist ein bisschen her, aber [ profile] mllesatine hat in [ profile] deutschesfandom interessante Fragen zum Betalesen gestellt.

☞ I wrote meta about why I think the AO3 needs to be translated to be accessible, but I'm not sure if I should post it (openly), since I am obviously biased and probably demanding far too much. It also feels a bit weird to write meta about the topic, especially since I'm kind of an insider and have this feeling that I should keep it on the inside. What do you think?

Random #9

Oct. 3rd, 2009 03:42 pm
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☞ Okay, so my computer crashed. I finally ruined the poor thing. Anyway, I had to buy a new one, and I still haven't managed to save my data and install all my programs. Hopefully soon. Also: Vista looks pretty, but is a bit difficult to handle.

Supernatural keeps being awesome. Spoilers. )

☞ New and better computer means finally being able to play videogames I wanted to play for a long time. Which is what I've been doing, since my beta is still working on my stories and I don't feel like starting anything new while so much is unfinished. Anyway, I'm playing Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which will probably keep me busy for a while. If anyone has recs for games that don't require more than a 2,1 GHz processor, I'm all ears.

☞ The current season of Heroes is actually somewhat okay. Minor Spoilers. )

☞ Today is our national holiday. I just had Merkel's speech on (mute - because I can't keep my mind on whatever she's saying for more than half a sentence anyway), but I'm really, really unenthusiastic about it. Maybe it's the somber organ music my neighbour is playing. Maybe it's the election results. Four years of CDU/CSU and FDP in power is looking so great right now. *sigh* At least the people in my village voted for the left parties with an overwhelming majority (not really news, we are a leftist enclave). Shows that there are some sane people left, and maybe the results will mean that the Linke will finally be accepted as an existing political party. With possibly constructive ideas! Only took, what, twenty years?

Random #7

Sep. 12th, 2009 11:38 am
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☞ There are some things that you just don't expect on a Saturday morning. A pneumatic drill next to your flat at 8am is one of them. I'm currently waiting for the paracetamol to kick in.

[personal profile] blnchflr is looking for participants for her Mini Meta Fest.

[personal profile] logovo posted about what the term "aca-fan" might (not) mean.

Supernatural owns my soul. I've spent the last days in a Supernatural-shaped bubble and I hope I can stay there for a bit longer. Reality is so extremely unfunny.

☞ A Supernatural fic rec: And I Wake Up Blind, Like My Dreams Were Too Bright by [ profile] strangeandcharm. Vaguely Dean/Castiel, but mostly narrated from Jimmy's PoV as he tries to help Castiel, who lost his memory and is stuck in a mental hospital thinking he is human.
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Here be Torchwood and Supernatural spoilers, enter at your own risk. Contains: my thoughts on character torture, RTD's writing ability and a TV Tropes link )

Lastly, a few (spoiler free) quotes on the matter that I liked:


"Russel said it was his intention to give his fans a punch in the gut. Then he was surprised that many of his fans didn't like being punched in the gut? What did he expect?" by [ profile] zyna_kat on [ profile] fandom_wank 5

And now I'm hopefully off to clean my flat for tomorrow. Argh! I hate cleaning!
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Titel: Coda zu 4.10
Autor: [personal profile] rodo
Charaktere: Sam & Dean Winchester
Kategorie: Drabble, Coda
Warnungen: Keine
Beta: [ profile] sevilemar
A/N: geschrieben für shendara bei den Wünsche-Wochen auf [ profile] ficathon_de

Coda zu 4.10 )

Ich habe außerdem noch ein Ficlet zu Pushing Daisies geschrieben, aber da habe ich noch nicht herausbekommen für wen.

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